Community Give Back

On one pre-arranged evening a local organization will be designated as the “host” group for MOSAIC’s Community Give Back (CGB), during the hours of 5:00 until 9:00 pmMOSAIC Restaurant will give ten percent (10%) of the pre-tax receipts from guests who order food (excluding alcohol sales) and mention they are here for the host organization. We are also offering all restaurant patrons the opportunity to donate to that evening’s host organization.

MOSAIC is dedicated to our community and wants to help inspire as many people as possible. Everyone has a cause that is close to their heart! We are happy to have the opportunity to help provide financial assistance to charitable and community-focused organizations within the area. We hope you will join us in our efforts to support the causes that are most important in our lives.

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Who qualifies to participate as a host?

Girl/Boy Scouts, Little League Teams, Soccer Clubs, Grad Night, Church Groups, High School Sports Teams, Teams in Training, Camps, Booster Clubs, Public Schools, Senior Communities, Cheerleading Squads, Parent/Teacher Organizations, Student Councils, Sororities/Fraternities, Nonprofits, Swim Teams, School Bands, Fundraisers…

Not sure if your cause is eligible? Contact us to see if your cause can host a Wednesday Give Back in the future: or call (804) 288-7482.

Some past participants include:
St. Andrew’s School, Pediatric Connections, Comfort Zone Camp, Network of Enterprising Women, Prevent Child Abuse, Senior Connections, American Diabetes Association, Autism Society, American Heart Association, Ring Dog, West End Volunteer Rescue Squad, Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation, and the Gay Community Center of Richmond.

No organization is too big or small to participate!!!

pdf iconDownload a pdf application

Promotion Tips:

  • Start promoting AS SOON as you secure your evening
  • Utilize social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, X, and other similar sites to spread the word about your CGB event
  • Be sure to tag MOSAIC in your event posting on social media so we can share it with all our followers.
  • List your CGB evening on local news channel websites’ event calendars
  • Create flyers and/or information packets for guests during your CGB evening
  • Create and/or wear t-shirts/hats/etc advertising your organization the when you visit during your CGB evening at the restaurant.
  • Let other groups, committees, and clubs that you may belong to know about your CGB event (churches, book clubs, PTA’s, etc)


Special Events Community Space Non-Profits

A possible timeline for your evening:

Once you have submitted your application and finalized your CGB event with MOSAIC Restaurant it’s time to get started planning…

2 months out & beyond
Start promoting AS SOON as you book your event. This includes social media sites and your organization’s website. Be sure to tag MOSAIC in your event posting so we can share it with all our followers.

1 month out
Start to create/design printed materials and t-shirts for your organization if needed. You are allowed to have flyers and information placed at the host stand, as well as on the bar. We do not allow table-to-table solicitation so the more information and visibility your organization has the more likely you are to have patrons ask about your organization and hopefully decide to support you that night.

Continue to promote on your website and social media sites.

2-3 weeks out
This is KEY promotion time, as this is when people will be making their plans and finalizing them! Get the word out to your churches, PTA’s, and other groups.

1 week out
Remind those who may not have heard about your event – neighbors, family members, etc. Have those that are interested in coming make reservations.

Ensure your printed materials and t-shirts will be ready for your event. Continue to promote on social media sites.

Promotion is the key to having a successful CGB. It is critical to let people know that you are participating in this event—especially since patrons must tell their server they are here for your organization.

Night of your CGB
Arrive around 5:00 pm at the restaurant with your printed materials, t-shirts, etc. Above all else, have fun, represent your organization, and enjoy some good food and drinks!!

Within a week after your CGB
An email will be sent to the organization’s contact containing the total money made by your organization. A check will be mailed to you for the amount that was emailed to you earlier that week.

If you are interested in participating again, we ask that you wait one month before reapplying. A new application is not needed; please contact or call (804) 288-7482.

Please Note:

  • Food sales and donations will be counted after your event. The amount you make will be sent in the form of a check made out to your organization.
  • Table-to-table solicitation is NOT allowed. You are allowed to bring printed materials to the restaurant and wear t-shirts, etc. If patrons are here and unaware of your event, they are more than welcome to decide after reading your materials, to contribute to your cause.
  • Patrons who are here supporting your organization must tell the hostess they are here for your organization to have their checks flagged for contribution.
  • Tabletop frames are available and can be placed on each table during the event containing information about your organization. These frames will be 4″ x 6″ in size. If you have marketing materials this size, approximately 25 of them will be needed. We ask that you send those or bring them to the restaurant ahead of your event. It is the organization’s responsibility to provide marketing materials for the event.
  • We do not allow any type of presentation that may interfere with the dining experience of patrons who may not be here supporting your cause (this includes speeches, use of microphones, etc).